Thursday, 17 April 2008

Vilanova Grand Marina - Barcelona

In the competition for investments, Vilanova ought to focus on projects where it has natural strengths and I consider our excellent conditions for outdoor sports to be a sadly undersold asset. A high profile addition to the already existing marina might finally change that. 'Vilanova Grand Marina – Barcelona' – the name is long, but every word adds to the meaning.

Rich people are becoming richer and that increases the demand for certain products and services, among which we find super yachts. Measuring from 20 to 60 meters, this class of boats require highly specialised marinas. Since they tend to be used only during the summer, they need space to moor up, but also guarantees of high quality maintenance. Except for that, the marinas need to provide accommodation for the relatively big crews as well as smooth communication for the yacht owners.

Vilanova’s proximity to the Barcelona airport combined with our existing infrastructure along the coast makes our town suitable for this initiative. In March, the municipal government approved the drawings of the buildings, while the construction work of the quay area is well under way and will open in time for the peak season 2009. Already now are quay-berths up for sale for prices ranging from 269.000 to well above two million Euros.

The new marina will occupy 100.000 square meters, out of which 30% is reserved for the service area. What remains to be built are two 18 meters tall coating halls, which will become new landmarks from both our beaches, but to reduce the visual impact the top 6 meters will be made of sky-coloured glass. Adjacent there will be two workshops staffed with cabinet-makers, sailmakers and electricians. A special crane – the biggest of its kind in Spain – will have the capacity to launch boats weighing up to 800 tons.

Thanks to this, Vilanova will have the chance to up-grade itself to the league of quality tourism and it is expected that the town will gain 120 job opportunities directly and 300 indirectly. In 2011, after the shipyards move away from their current location next to the Plaça del Port and this space can be turned into a restaurant zone, even more business opportunities will follow. And, best of all, Vilanova Grand Marina – Barcelona will be open to the public, so that all of us who already live here will have a chance to at least look at the beautiful boats. I have not found any expert’s comments on these development plans, but to me they look great. May Puerto Banús outside Marbella soon feel us breathing down its neck!
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# On you can find a picture of what the new marina will look like.
# Vilanova Grand Marina – Barcelona has a stylish logotype, but their web-page is not yet operational.
# Most data used in this entry comes from el Diari de Vilanova, the issues of March 20 and April 11, respectively.
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Com he escrit en anglès, sóc totalment d’acord amb aquest projecte tan adequat per la nostra ciutat, però em sorprèn que els periodistes del nostre 'diari' local el presenten sense preguntes crítiques. Escriuen que els naus es construiran “amb un material que imitarà el color de les roques.” Que és una manera poètica per descriure gris o beige? - els mateixos colors que solen dominar en polígons industrials.

Dono per descomptat que el tractament de les aigües residuals i els químics dels tallers sigui correcte, però tanmateix m’agradaria llegir més sobre aquest tema. No oblidem que la platja on ens banyem comença al altre costat del moll. Avui en dia la cura del medi ambiental és un argument de venda.

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