Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Soft Catalan Social Engineering

The carnival is approaching its end and yesterday, Monday, the children had their closing ceremony, called the Comparsa del Vidalet. Since it is a popular event, we started off in three locations and walked to the Plaça de la Vila in separate parades. When we all came together, the funny characters who had accompanied us, took of their stilts and started to sing and dance on the stage.

My oldest son was highly impressed with the confetti cannons. The organisers had made a point of using recycled paper, to add an instructive element to the fun.

One song followed after the other. Last year, there was a lot of talking in this show, but for children as young as ours, the new format worked much better. “Saltem i ballem” (Let us jump and dance) were some of the few words I managed to catch in a song which has been made about the Carnaval de Vilanova. For coming years, the children will practise it at school in advance. What a nice way to build a feeling of belonging among the small ones.

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