Thursday, 30 August 2012

The Day of Human Towers during ‘Festa Major’ in Sitges (Barcelona)

Before it is time for the most important annual Day of Human Towers (diada castellera) in Catalonia – i.e. Diada de Sant Fèlix in Vilafranca del Penedès – I want to sum up what we experienced in Sitges last weekend.

This Diada de Festa Major on Sunday August 26 was one of these exhibitions big enough to attract one of the best teamsMinyons de Terrassa – and at the same time so intimate that you could come really close to the constructions.

As a matter of fact, as things developed, this year’s Festa Major turned into the best ever celebrated by the local team Colla Jove de Castellers de Sitges: They opened with a 5d7, followed by the big 7d7 and rounded off by the always spectacular 3d7s – a construction where the castellers are lifted up (instead of climbing up) into their positions.

Minyons de Terrassa did not want to take any risks this day, but still was – of course – the team which offered the most advanced human in each of the three rounds: they opened with a 5d8 – also called la Catedral - , followed up with a magnificent 2d8f and finished with a 4d8.

The third team in the square plaça de l’AjuntamentCastellers de les Roquetes – completed the castells 3d6, 3d6a and 4d6.

Now, let us hope it does not rain tomorrow (the forecasts do not look too good, though…). Whatever happens I will keep a certain distance to the teams – I go to Vilafranca to watch great human towers, not to end up in the pinyes… ;)

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