Monday, 26 March 2012

Why a New Web for 'Discover Penedès'?

Returning readers of Wirdheim in Vilanova will have noticed that what has been the backbone of my de-facto editorial line, i.e. the Penedès Agenda, does not seem to be up-dated any longer. To those of you who have appreciated these summaries of cultural and traditional events in Penedès, I am happy to inform you that they still exist, but has moved to the new web Discover Penedès - fully dedicated to promoting tourism in the comarques Garraf, Alt Penedès, Baix Penedès and Anoia.

There are several reasons for this change of format and I will here highlight a few of them:

Most importantly, I can contribute a lot more to society here if my focus is on what a foreign tourist might enjoy to do while they are here, than if I start from my own preferences or something as basic, but crucial, as where I happen to live. On a web with the name Discover Penedès I can, for example, present opportunities to dance sardanas in Igualada, while the same information can seem rather odd on a blog with the name Wirdheim in Vilanova, since I am not especially interested in sardanas.

Furthermore, on a web with the name Discover Penedès I can hope for interaction with people who do not know me - and neither want to know me - but still want to share some of their memories and experiences with other people who might be planning a trip here. This is valid for individual tourists but also for institutions and organizations – possibly the kind of entities I most want to support.

What channels does, for example, the municipality of Cunit dispose of to inform the world about a unique event, without spending big amounts of money? True, such information is usually (not always) available in Catalan on the municipal webs but, honestly, how many tourists find it there? I am convinced that almost all towns here will benefit from promoting those of their events which have the potential to attract local and foreign tourists, in a bigger context. Discover Penedès is the solution!

If you like Discover Penedès (or if you just happen to like me…) I ask you to show your support for this initiative by “liking” it on Facebook, following it on Twitter, or both.

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