Sunday, 13 November 2011

Calafell will not receive a new public library

Due to budget cuts, there will not be a new municipal library in Calafell (Baix Penedès). The former municipal government (PSC, ERC and ADMC) planned to house it on the second floor of the new fresh food market, of which the construction work has recently begun. However, the now ruling coalition (CiU and PP) will not go ahead with the project, since reservations have only been made for just over half of the € 1,3 million it would cost.

The fresh food market will have 35 stands and is financed by the chain Mercadona which, in return, will hold the concession to operate a supermarket in half of the building.

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Read more in Catalan: El Punt / Avui

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I am not particularly happy with my Baix Penedès headline picture. If you know a place from where I can take a nice panorama picture, please, let me know.

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