Friday, 4 November 2011

Female strength in Bellprat (Anoia)

With less than 100 inhabitants, Bellprat (Anoia) is the smallest municipality in Penedès, and its claim to fame is that it was here, during the so called second republic in 1934, Natividad Yarza Planas (ERC) became the first democratically voted female mayor in the Catalan speaking part of the world. To commemorate this personality, on October 30, there was quite a different exhibition of human towers, where only women were allowed to take part in the stem – el tronc.

The most advanced construction of the day – 4de7 - was completed by Xiquetes de la Jove de Valls, who also completed 7de6 and 2de6. Les dones de Castellers de Vilafranca completed 3de6, 4de6a and 2de6. Les dones de Castellers de Sants completed 5de6, 4de6a and 3de6s and – if I understand it all correctly – they were the only team which had not only the stems but also the bases (pinya) of their human towers made up exclusively by women.

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