Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Romans headhunting gladiators at Calafell’s Ciutadella Ibèrica

On September 24, the open air museum and excavation site Ciutadella Ibèrica hosted the fourth edition of Calafell’s (Baix Penedès) live role play (joc de rol en viu). Only 50 people could take part, so all participants had had to sign up in advance. The plot took them back to an imagined year 194 B.C. where they were invited to prove their fighting skills to a group of Roman merchants who were selecting gladiators for the Games of Rome. The role play went on for 13 hours and was spiced up with side stories of love and murder.

The event was organized by the ajuntament of Calafell with the intention to let young people learn local history in a didactic and entertaining way.

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