Sunday, 2 August 2009

Kites and Human Towers Striving Upwards – Festa Major 2009, Day 2

Two foreigners (as if I was not one, myself) whom I recently met here in Vilanova considered the second day of the Festa Major program a bit thin. For international tourists I guess that it was, since the main event was a late evening outdoor theatre performance. My excuse not to see it was that I was afraid that I would not understand the language, but that was a lie. To go there and practise my Catalan would me more typical for me. The real reason was that I had found something which I had wanted to do for a long time.

However, already on my way from work did I take part in one Festa Major activity: the kite flying festival (volada d’estels) – a new item for this year. For someone who did not have the slightest interest in kites before this day, I can say that I was impressed with some of the tricks I saw and I have learnt that our broad beach Ribes Roges is perfectly suited for kite performances.

In the late evening it was finally time: the Festa Major program invited us to the training of the Bordegassos – “our “ human tower builders. Apparently, their assajos (the trainings) are always open to the public, but so what? For me this was new and to see so many Catalans working together (almost) silently - interrupted only by the colourful screams of the leaders (caps): “Els castells s’han de patir”, approximately “You cannot build a human tower without suffering” or similar - was quite an experience. To make things better, I was allowed to observe it all from a staircase and that bird’s perspective revealed a lot of details which I have never paid attention to during square performances.

Unfortunately I do not have the time to be a bordegas, but that does not stop me from becoming one of their biggest fans. I love Catalonia!

Aquí trobeu un post sobre la volada d'estels en català i aquí un altre sobre l'assaig dels Bordegassos.
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Tim Parish said...

Welcome to the world of kites! Pls drop in to MyBestKite if you feel the need for any more kiting education :-)

Making your own from dowel and plastic sheet is the other end of the scale from watching giant show kites - but still enjoyable.

Erik Wirdheim said...

Hi Tim,

Thanks for leaving a comment.


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