Sunday, 11 January 2009

ENG: The Tres Tombs of Vilanova i la Geltrú

Next Saturday is the main day of Vilanova i la Geltrú’s festa major de l’hivern and throughout the coming week will teachers warm up the children by talking about domesticated animals. Tomorrow, our five-year-old will create a pig mask at school but already this Saturday did both our sons have the chance to make their own hobby-horses at the Orfeo Vilanoví, a classic hall belonging to the church.

The older one had decided to like the activity even before we got there and immediately recognized some of his class mates in the crowd. As so often, the younger one was harder to impress. Hesitantly did he listen to the tres tombs related fairy tale and he let me do most of the painting of his horse. But when we were served sweet buns and hot chocolate his mood rapidly changed and soon he was riding around together with his older brother. “Cavall, cavall” ("horse, horse", in Catalan) he kept cheering as we walked home.

On the day of Sant Antoni, January 17, the tres tombs will be celebrated in a number of places around Catalonia, but Vilanova is known to hold the most spectacular horse parade. It starts at noon from the church Sant Antoni Abat at the top of the Rambla.

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Link to the official tres tombs program, 2009 (in Catalan).

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Eli said...

Felicitats a tots els burros.... ji,ji,ji
Es broma eh!!!
Com a persona nascuda a Vilanova, sempre he cregut que aquesta és un gran festa.... M'encanta veure-la i gaudir-la!!!

Erik Wirdheim said...

Hola Eli,

Tens raó - és bonica per als adults i fascinant per als nens. Encara així penso que s'hauria de donar-los més elements de festa als Tres Tombs, per exemple una cercavila.

Per cert, avui a les 12.30 faig uns pocs comentaris sobre la meva perspectiva en el programa 'Gaudeix la festa' de la radio Canal Blau.

// Erik