Saturday, 10 January 2009

ENG: Support This Blog – Buy Condoms!

I could have picked a better time to buy a company but, at the same time, how often is the distribution of a brand which you really identify with up for sale? Now, things are as they are. I have become the proud majority owner of Puck Import, S.L. and sell condoms and lubricants by RFSU in Spain and in Andorra.

RFSU (Riksförbundet för Sexualupplysning, in Swedish) is a non-profit association, politically and religiously independent and founded in 1933 by Elise Ottosen-Jensen. It started to provide sexual education and promote the use of preservatives in an era when that was still illegal in Sweden. Since the condom quality of those days was poor, RFSU started a company with the same name (RFSU AB) to manufacture its own products. The YouTube clip “Another Saturday” shows how closely interconnected the two entities are. Profits from the company are reinvested into the NGO, which in turn is dedicating more and more resources to campaigns in developing countries.

Condoms are products which many of us use so I humbly ask all readers who like this blog to consider buying ours – in specialty stores in Barcelona, in some pharmacies or over the Internet. By doing so, you support me and my family, but above all get some of the most ethic and most tested condoms available in the market.

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