Tuesday, 23 December 2008

ENG: Merry Christmas

This picture was admittedly taken for my commercial activities with Puck Import and RFSU, but I think that it deserves to be published here as well.

And I just hope that what I have done is not illegal. Interestingly enough, nobody approached me while I was decorating a Christmas tree with condoms on the platja de Ribes Roges in Vilanova, although the beach was far from empty. If I would have done this in Sweden, I am confident that some stranger would have reminded me to clean up once I had finished.

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Same condom Christmas tree, different angle: 1, 2.

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Sara said...

Vilken snygg kondomgran och vilken kul promotionidé! Det var ju attans att jag inte fick satt upp en sådan på Barcelonetas strand ;-)

God Jul på dig - vi höres i det nya året!

Erik Wirdheim said...

God jul tillbaka, Sara.

Nästa år får jag bli ännu djärvare. Kanske skall tvinga fru och barn att dansa runt granen med mig. ;-)