Monday, 10 November 2008

ENG: ‘Fira de novembre’ of Vilanova, 2008

During the last few days, the centre of Vilanova i la Geltrú has housed the traditional, multi-sectoral November fair (Fira de novembre), which I wrote quite extensively about last year. Just like last year, although my wife and I did not buy anything, we must admit to having passed by most of the stands and our two small sons love it. Both of them were thrilled to see the Rambla full of cars, and the older one was even more excited with the cranes. The tallest one held a cabin in which you were able to go 108 meters up in the air to see the town from above.

Again my favourite part of the fira were the stage performances – a great opportunity for those who are new here to learn about the activities and quality level of some sports clubs and cultural associations. Unfortunately enough, this year the main stage had been moved to a narrow space in front of the mercat, so those who took part had to adapt their shows to a limited space.

About 200.000 people are estimated to have visited the fira activities 2008 and, in spite of the "crisis", it had almost as many exhibitors as last year (191 versus 196). The big difference were the total absence of real estate agencies - as late as in 2007 there were a lot of them.

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Here below you can find pictures and movies of the fair in general plus parts of the performances by Taekwondo and Hapkido club Chois Vilanova as well as Flow Centre, the local academy of stage arts.

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