Tuesday, 1 January 2013

New Year's Eve at 'Masia El Buxaus' in Arbúcies (Girona)

A certain part of the Swedish community in Barcelona has made it a tradition to - every now and then -, go to an old Catalan farm house (masia) and spend a few days together. This time, for New Year's Eve, we went to Arbúcies in the Girona part of the Nature Reserve Montseny. This is an area with a great scenery and wonderful opportunities for running and long walks - for our part we made a visit to the castle ruins of Castell de Monsoriu.

We stayed at El Buxaus and were all very content with the accommodation, hospitality and - above all -, artisan Catalan food. And our children loved to be allowed to help out collecting fresh eggs and feeding the chicken and donkeys in the morning. 

- - - 
El Buxaus is not a casa rural with self-catering; here you are expected to order what might want to eat or drink from the owners. The gravel road which takes you there is admittedly quite long and bumpy, but the house is easy to find if you follow the instructions provided by the owners.

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