Friday, 26 August 2011

Castellers de Vilafranca versus Indian Govindas

An extremely multicultural day of human towers has just been celebrated in Mumbai, India. Some 200 members from Castellers de Vilafranca managed to build the first casteller construction of nine levels - a 3de9 - ever seen outside the Catalan speaking part of the world. They also impressed the local audience with the beauty of a construction of 8 levels dismantled via a pillar (4de8 amb agulla).

The Indian alternative to Catalan castells are called govindas and are being built in team competitions in the Mumbai metropolitan area, only once per year – to honour the god Krishna’s birthday. Apparently, the Indians were slightly bored with long time the Europeans took to prepare each construction, but at the same time acknowledged that castells, in most cases, are being dismantled in a controlled way and without any injuries, which is often not the case with the govindas.

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