Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Vilanova Invaded by Giants Carrying Clubs

As a part of the celebrations of the 300th anniversary of the old giants of Vilanova, on Saturday September 19, we saw yet another spectacular parade through the town centre.

This time all male giants carried a club (porra). However, just like in the summer event – when age was the common denominator – the participants originated from all around Catalonia and, again, we had the chance to see giants whose maintenance protocols usually does not allow them to travel (i.e. els gegants de Valls and els gegants de Sanaüja).

Many of the giants with clubs are so called moros (Arabs), but some are Christians (notably Jaume I el conqueridor from Lleida), most are tall, but the gegantons de Solsona are children’s giants.

The clip shows how the Colla Gegantera of Vilanova – the organizers – enters the Rambla.

The giants of Valls

The giants of Lleida

The giants of Calella

In the clip we can, among others, see the giants of Calella and the children’s giants (gegantons infantils) of Solsona.

‘La Cu-cut’ from Plaça Nova in Barcelona.

Giants from Plaça Nova (Barcelona), Amer, Sanaüja and Manlleu.

The giants of Amer

The giants of Sanaüja

The giants of Manlleu - apparently Catalonia’s number one giant town (ciutat gegantera) 2010.

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