Wednesday, 11 July 2007

By the way: 08800 La Revista de VNG

To keep people’s acceptance to pay taxes, politicians must be careful to make sure that the money is spent in a correct way. Like elsewhere in the world, this is not always the case in Vilanova and the latest copy of the official information magazine ”08800 la revista de VNG” is a sad example of it.

My family and our neighbours received the July copy in the mailboxes only yesterday. I do not mind to receive a summary of how the local goverment will look for the coming four years, although the local press informed us of this already weeks ago. Neither am I too concerned about the fact that tax payers' money is spent to make a benevolent interview with Joan Ignasi Elena, our re-elected mayor. But it does irritate me to on July 10 receive an event calender which covers the dates from the 1st to the 31st of July. A fast check gives at hand that 35% of the listed activities have already taken place. As if to underline that the this issue was late, there is an article encouraging visits to the exhibition gràcies which was, as you are in fact informed already in the magazine, taken down on July 7.

If we are to continue to spend money on a printed information magazine, let us at least improve the planning and have it issued on time.

August 5, we will celebrate our Festa Major here and many vilanovins will appreciate to, in advance, have a program of the event . I cannot help wondering what will reach us first – the next issue of “08800 la revista de VNG” or the sound of “ball de diables” from a town where the party has already begun.

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Erik Wirdheim said...

Well, my attempt to joke about the probability that the next issue of "08800" will reach us only after the start of the 'festa mayor', was not fair, since in the July issue of the same magazine, the ajuntment does inform us that there will be a separate program, starting Jul 27 and ending Aug 6.

A preliminary program can be found here:

The incorrect information on which I based my failed joke was, unfortunately, found here: