Saturday, 31 March 2007

Recycling bin delivery service

Yesterday, when coming back from a work trip, I was surprised to see a small plastic bin and a pack of biodegradable waste bags waiting for me in our small hallway. There was also a small information brochure on the whys and hows of recycling organic waste, which means that we have now received all the things which our ajuntament earlier had promised that we would be able to pick up during information meetings, but which I was looking for in vain some week ago.

I will have to talk to our neighbours to check whether they also received these things delivered to their doors. In our household, it was our au-pair who received the bin and she did not really understand why someone had decided to bring these things to our door, instead of handing them out in the streets of the town, as originally planned.

Or maybe we should stop wondering about who was this unknown benefactor bringing us the equipment and jsut start doing the work to separate organic waste from the rest. Thanks to the providence of the ajuntament we do not have any good excuses not to do so.

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